2020 Election

Acton Candidate Information

As an alternative to the March 21st Candi-Dating event, which was cancelled due to the Covid-19 crisis, the Acton Area League is sharing a compilation of candidate statements to help inform Acton voters about this year's candidates for local and state office. Although Acton officials currently are pursuing authority at the state level to postpone the local and special state elections currently scheduled for March 31st, the earlier that voters have candidate information, the better.

The League provided candidates with a standard set of five questions designed to elicit information that would be most helpful to voters. Most candidates responded to the questions. Some candidates substituted autobiographical statements that unfortunately do not cover all of the topics that the standard questions addressed, but nonetheless are included in the compilation of candidate information.

Here are the five questions that each candidate received:
  1. Please provide a brief description of your general background, including years in Acton, career, family, interests.
  2. What is your volunteer work experience in Acton, whether on municipal or school district committees or in community organizations or institutions?
  3. Why are you running?
  4. What relevant experience do you have?
  5. What would be your top priorities for Acton if you were elected? Why? And how would you go about implementing them? The priorities may be long-term (requiring more than a year) or short-term (requiring a year or less).

Candidate Responses

To see candidate responses, click the elective office below. Incumbents appear first, followed by other candidates for the same position in alphabetical order. 

Acton Board of Selectmen 
Joan Gardner (incumbent) 
Beverly Cornell 
Terra Friedrichs 
Jim Snyder-Grant 

Acton Moderator 
JoAnn Berry (incumbent) 

Acton-Boxborough Regional School Committee 
Amy Krishnamurthy (incumbent) 
Kyra Wilson Cook 
Yebin Wang 

Acton Housing Authority 
Ryan Bettez (incumbent) 

Acton Memorial Library Trustees 
Harvey Berliner (incumbent) 

Acton Water District 
Stephen Stuntz (incumbent Water District Commissioner) 
William Stanford (incumbent Water District Clerk) 

MA House of Representatives, 37th Middlesex District (Acton Precincts 3-5 only) 
Catherine Clark 
Danillo Sena