• Non-Partisan Policy
  • Guidelines for Giving Monetary Donations 
  • Diversity Policy 
  • Guidelines for Commercial Products in League Bulletin 
  • Membership Fund Policy
  • Email Policy 


Non-Partisan Policy

(Revised August 10, 2004 and Readopted October 2017)
The League of Women Voters–Acton Area is an organization which takes action on governmental issues in the public interest and seeks to promote citizen participation in government. It neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate.

The League urges its members, except Steering Committee members, to work for the candidates or parties of their choice and to run for office. The non-partisan policy stated below sets forth guidelines on political involvement of Steering Committee members in order to preserve public confidence in the League's non-partisan stance.

The Steering Committee Chair or Co-Chairs and Voter Service Chair or Co-Chairs shall refrain from all partisan political activity.

Other Steering Committee members generally may not run for office, work in political campaigns or hold positions in political parties. The Steering Committee must approve any exception to this policy.

Steering Committee members will use their discretion in participating in other political activities and must be sure their own positions are not identified with those of the League in the public mind. Steering Committee members are encouraged to bring to the Steering Committee any question about personal political involvement.

The Steering Committee may make determinations as to the appropriateness of a given action on the part of a Steering Committee member and may determine whether any change in the individual's Steering Committee membership is necessary.

This policy was adopted at the June 13, 1984 Board meeting and needs to be readopted annually, with revisions, if the Steering Committee so votes.

Guidelines for Giving Monetary Donations

(Adopted August 1996, Readopted October 2017)
The League of Women Voters–Acton Area is not primarily a funds-granting organization, but we are occasionally asked to contribute to worthy causes. To help us make donations that are fair and based on League principles, we have agreed that any donations made by the LWV - AA must be to causes that:
  • Are non-partisan 
  • Are consistent with LWV positions In addition, we have agreed to strongly favor donations that:
  • Further our local action objectives 
  • Give positive visibility to the League 
  • Benefit a group of people, rather than an individual

Diversity Policy

(Adopted October 1997, Readopted October 2017)
The LWV–Acton Area, in both its values and practices, affirms its belief and commitment to diversity and pluralism, which means there shall be no barriers to participation in any activity of the LWV - Acton Area on the basis of gender, race, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, political affiliation or ability to pay.

The LWV–Acton Area recognizes that diverse perspectives are important and necessary for responsible and representative decision making. LWV - Acton Area subscribes to the belief that diversity and pluralism are fundamental to the values it upholds and that this inclusiveness enhances the organization's ability to respond more effectively to changing conditions and needs.

The LWV–Acton Area affirms its commitment to reflecting the diversity of our communities in its steering committee, staff and programs.

Guidelines for Commercial Products in League Bulletin

(Adopted Dec. 2004, Readopted October 2017)
The LWV–Acton Area will not publish advertising for any commercial activity except for League of Women Voters (all levels) fundraising activities and business cards recognizing our sponsors. Commercial activity includes sales by entities such as Towns. Advertising does not include mention in our calendar.

Membership Fund Policy

(Adopted Dec. 2004, Readopted October 2017)
Because the LWV–Acton Area believes there should be no barrier to participation in the League on the basis of ability to pay, a Membership Fund was created to help members who could not afford the annual dues. It is the policy of the LWV–Acton Area that recipients of assistance from the Membership Fund should pay, at their discretion, an amount that they can afford, and that the Fund will make up the difference. Any scholarships funded at 100% will be made with the concurrence of the Steering Committee Chair or Co-Chairs. Matters relating to the Fund will be conducted without compromising confidentiality and without revealing the names of proposed recipients.

Email Policy

(Adopted Nov 9, 2005, Readopted October 2017)
Postings to the email list of all members, i.e., all-lwv-actonarea@googlegroups.com, should be limited, generally, to announcements and action alerts.

Only Steering Committee members are allowed to post emails to this list. If other members want to post to this list, they should submit their postings to a Steering Committee member, who may consult with the Steering Committee before posting.