Working Groups

The 2020-21 Working Groups are moving forward on program priorities approved at Annual Meeting in June 2020 and formulated at Opening Meeting in September. League members have the opportunity to influence the selection of issues and join a group. We welcome new members as we plan and execute public forums, informational meetings, community events, and campaigns.

Environmental Issues

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time, and we are at a defining moment. It threatens our health, prosperity, and well-being. In response to these threats, the Acton-Area League’s Environmental Issues working group has identified three focus areas for advocacy and action in 2020-21:
  • Quantity and Quality of Drinking Water
  • Climate Emergency Mobilization
  • Recycling and Reducing Plastic Use
We welcome members to work on any of these issues by contacting the Environmental Issues Chair Carolyn Platt.

Environmental Issues 2020-2021

Public Health/Covid 19

What better time to educate ourselves about those on the frontlines dealing with the State and Local response to the pandemic? Our working group will sponsor a Zoom panel discussion in January 2021 to educate our members and the public about this challenge.

Our guests will be tasked with bringing us a top-down view of the public health system in the Commonwealth, discussing the pending bill in the legislature (the SAPHE 2.0 Act, aimed at accelerating equity and effectiveness of our local and regional public health system), and a Health Agent from one of our member town’s Boards of Health, covering the local bottom-up perspective.

If you would like to join our group for the planning/implementation of this timely project contact Public Health Chair Kathy Borofsky.

Future of Town Meeting

Voter participation is an essential component of Town Meeting, which serves as the local legislature in each of our five member-Towns. The more that voters understand how local government works, the more likely they are to follow local issues, join volunteer committees, and attend Town Meeting.

The Town Meeting working group will update the LWVAA’s “Know Your Town” guide, in electronic and print format. The updated guide will focus on Acton but will be a useful model for other Towns in creating similar guides. Completion will be prior to 2021 Annual Town Meeting. The group also will consider alternatives to the open form of Town Meeting that the five LWVAA member-Towns currently use. Members interested in joining the Town Meeting working group should contact Future of Town Meeting Chair Janet Adachi.